Ice Making Plant

Ice Making Plant We fabricate various capacities of Ice manufacturing Plants. It is a series of heat transfer coils where Ammonia gas can be compressed and de-pressed to cool briane water. Ice formation happen in various sizes of Ice-cans and these Ice blocks can be transferred by crane lifting trolley.

Typical Ice making plant comprises of following equipments.

  1. Ammonia high pressure compressors
  2. Ammonia Receiver
  3. Ammonia Accumulator
  4. Ammonia condenser coil
  5. Ammonia liquid separator, Brine vessel with agitator and drive
  6. Freezing pipelines brine tanks, Cooling coils

We fabricate and install complete plant set-up according to the required plant output. Moreover, Cold storage equipments are pretty much similar to these equipments therefore we can supply Cold Storage machineries as well.