Oil Mill - Edible Oil Mills Plants

Oil Mill Vegetable oil Mill can be extracted from oil seeds like Peanut, Soybean, Sesame, Rapeseed, Sunflower, Palm & Palm kernel, Mustard, Cotton seeds, Coconut, Camelina and Castor Seeds. Oil extraction can be done by mechanical screw pressing of the oil seeds and this equipment called Expeller. Oil seeds are complex mixture of protein, fiber and triglycerides of fatty acids and extract out these triglycerides from its remaining portion is quite simple but requires some attentions.

All oil seeds needs to be pretreated prior to expelling into Expellers in order to extract out oil quite easily with minimum energy requirements. We supply complete set of such unit with pretreatment unit comprises of seed Decorticator/cracker/cutter, Steam cooker with Expeller. Extracted crude oil requires piston pump to transfer and Filter Press to removed solids from crude oil which we supply with Oil Mill machineries. Oil mill capacities ranges from 1 Ton per day up to 1,000 Tons per day and we can supply complete set-up of any capacity required.

We assist you with setting up Full Scale Oil Mill Plants at your oil Mill. We provide machines and install them and we also set up the machines.

Oil seed pretreatment set up varies for specific oil seeds although all must go through seed cleaning and heat treatments prior to crushing. Generally, these are some equipments required for pretreatment for various oil seeds, Expelling and handling crude oils.

  1. Seed Cracker required for Sunflower/Mustard/Rapeseeds
  2. Decorticator for Peanut
  3. Seed Cutter required for Coconut
  4. Special Seed Cracker for Palm Fruit
  5. Cooking kettle and Expeller for all oil seeds
  6. Piston Pump to transfer crude oil
  7. Plate and Frame Filter Press to filter out solid materials from crude oils.

We provide complete Oil Mill Plant set-up for any oil seeds which works ef-ficiently and produce desired quality oils with less maintain costs. Moreo-ver, we provide our clients quality components which lasts longer and provide additional parts to replace worn out parts from the Oil Mill.