Solvent Extraction plant - Mini Solvent Extraction Plant

Here You Get Information Of Solvent Extraction Plant Details

Solvent Extraction plantMini Solvent Extraction Plant: Seed-cake, low oil content oil seeds and other low oil content materials are not preferable to process through mechanical pressing. These oil bearing materials (OBM) can be process in Solvent Extraction Plant (SEP) to extract out remaining amount of oils from it efficiently. Our SEP set-up is suitable to handle up to 20% oil content OBM and produce final materials called De-Oiled Cake (DOC) with less than 0.2% oil content. We can fabricate complete set-up from 200 Tons per day to 1,000 Tons per day in OBM processing capacities.


Solvent Extraction Plant - SEP set up divided into four sections.

  1. Preparatory Section
  2. OBM should be in smaller particle size which allows solvent passes through them and dissolve oil from remaining materials. OBMs received from Oil Mill are in big chunks which needs to be broken down into small pieces (3-5 mm) prior to extraction. It can be done by passing these OBM through series of Spike and Fluted rolls of variable sizes and shapes.

  3. Extraction Section
  4. Prepared OBM fed into extraction unit where continuous moving belt caries such materials while constant flow of solvent sprayed from the top of the material bed. Solvent percolate through material bed while absorbing/dissolving oil and leave the extractor with oil-solvent mixture called miscella.

  5. Distillation Section
  6. Miscella transferred to distillation vessel which operates under va-cuum at 90 to 110 degree celsius creating conditions to evaporate hexane from the oil. These hexane can be condensed and recovered for reuse back into Extraction section.

  7. DOC preparatory Section or De-Solventiser Toaster (DT)
  8. Extracted De-Oiled Cake carries solvent and is typically wet when leaving from Extraction section. DOC fed into DT vessel through solvent tight redler conveyor. DT is essentially vertical pan stack cooker with limpet coils having number of stages into it. Certain OBM like Soya DOC requires toasting humidifier to destroy urease activities. Finally, DOC passes through dehumidifier to maintain moisture content in it.